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We at DevelDerby are keen, passionate software developers, ready to take on any challange. Need someone to help you with a higher-level software project? Contact us for our perspective. We code for food!


Our first, major project is Phantasmagoria, a light-weight image editing application. We at DevelDerby recognize that most of us need software to edit our photos, Facebook profile images, etc., but that Photoshop is a very expensive, totally unnecessary powerhouse for the daily requirements of the average user. That's why Phantasmagoria was developed as a free, easy to use, fun application that even your grandmother can use. There's no support for layers, vector graphics, or CMYK color models, but honestly, do you need it? For basic editing and dozens of fun effect filters, wrapped in an appealing, simple interface, check out the Phantasmagoria Effectizer today. It's 100 % free!






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