About DevelDerby Software


DevelDerby Software was started in 2008 with higher-lever, fun and easy to use, desktop applications as our main goal. All employees are currently graduate students at the University of Oslo, Institute for Informatics.


We primarily use Java as out language of choice, and it pleases us greatly to be able to integrate our software solutions with both established and up-and-coming web services. That's why Phantasmagoria users can upload their images directly to Flickr, and opt for automatic Twitter updates after various actions. We see it as our way of showing you that desktop applications can be fun, connected, and "with it".


Our name is meant to symbolize the agile and dynamic approach we have to software development.


We are located in Oslo, Norway, with an auxiliary development studio in Drammen, Norway. At out quarters, every day is casual friday, everyone eats lunch together, and we only rarely experience HR related problems.


We currently employ 1 person(s).


The positions of CEO, main developer, personal chef, cleaner, and office clown are filled by Fredrik Gaarder ( fredrik@develderby.com ).


We have no vacant positions at the moment.




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